An evening with C4 Trío & Family Atlantica Duo

An evening with C4 Trío & Family Atlantica Duo

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Presented in collaboration with Salto Music, created with the intention of bringing South American music to a European audience, C4 Trio – three players of the cuatro (four-stringed guitar) and one six-string bassist – are one of the most interesting musical ensembles to come out of Latin America in recent years. They’ll be supported by – and at the end of the night joined on stage by – London-based Family Atlantica Duo, already well-known to gig and festival audiences across the UK.

It’s not often that C4 Trio make their way to the UK and, with London-based Family Atlantica Duo performing alongside them, this is a special opportunity to see two Venezuelan bands in London.

C4 Trío were formed in 2006 by Jorge Glem, Hector Molina and Edward Ramírez. Their first album, which won a gold disc, was produced by Aquiles Baez, one of the biggest and best international interpreters of Venezuela’s traditional music and also included other great exponents of this genre, such as Serenata Guayanesa, Rafael ”El Pollo” Brito, Marina Bravo and Adolfo Herrera, amongst others.

In 2014 they were joined by Gustavo Marquez and, after much hard work, released a new album “De Repente”, together with Rafael “El Pollo” Brito. Their outstanding career was recognised by the “Premio Municipal de las Artes Aquiles Nazóa”, a very important local arts award in Caracas and they continue to amaze, impress and delight their audiences around the world.

“By the end of each performance, applause was insufficient for the audience to show their amazement and the group received a boisterous standing ovation from their Miami and New York audiences” said Kris Simmons, from the Americas Society / Council of the Americas.

Family Atlantica Duo, based in London and fronted by celebrated vocalist Luzmira Zerpa along with producer and multi-instrumentalist Jack Yglesias, convey a delightful insight into Venezuela’s musical roots through the singer’s mighty voice and the percussionist’s mastery of a wide range of rhythms pretty much unknown outside Venezuela.

You may recognise the singer from her work with Manu Chao and this South American poet, musician and singer has worked with many acclaimed world acts throughout her career. Her partner in the duo incorporates many musical influences, such as psychedelic, highlife, steel-pan, Ethio-funk, calypso and equatorial jazz.

It is not often that this band make their way to the UK, and with London-based Family Atlantica performing alongside them, this is a special opportunity to see two Venezuelan bands in London.

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